What you must know when you start feeding your pet BARF diet :



Expect soft stools for first few days

This is very normal when stomach adapting new food, after adapt will back to normal.

If the poop are just slightly softer, nothing need to be done. If they are watery and consider as diarrhea then you can feed probiotics to enhance their gastrointestinal system. It helps the stomach to adapt faster.


Ask our nutritionist which probiotics is suitable for your pet and how to feed. 

Some weak stomach dog will puke after they eat

Due to the hydrochloric acid deprivation after feeding the wrong diet for a long time. Most of the dog been feeding artificially made food will have this symptoms.

If this happen, cut down half their feeding amount for one week. It helps their stomach to adapt to their new food slowly without causing more stress. At the same time, you can consider to feed probiotics to enhance their gastrointestinal system.


It helps the stomach to adapt faster & cut down their vomit symptom. 

Drink lesser water compare to before

BARF is made with fresh & moisturize ingredients, it provide sufficient moisture within the food itself. Dog are always thirsty when you feed artificial made dry food.

Do not worry about this, and nothing need to be done. They will drink the amount of water they think they need, it is their basic instinct. 

You are not feeding dry and hard kibble anymore, sure they will act slightly differently.

This has nothing to be worry!

Poop fewer & smaller than before

Because BARF are meant to be easy to absorb, so wastage are so much fewer than feeding other type of food.

Do not worry about this, in fact you should feel happy too! Feeding Barf are meant to produce lesser poops. They are able to absorb most of the nutrient in it. So their poops are so much smaller compare when you are feeding kibble.

If their poop are too hard like a rock, or greyish, means they are not adapting it yet. In this case, you can add slightly abit of coconut oil on top of the food to help ease the poop. 


Not eating their meal

From human point of view, BARF consider like a salad, quite tasteless compare to full of flavoring processed pet food, processed pet food will be like bak kut teh, KFC, Mcdonald, much attractive.

Don't worry it take times to adapt, don't feed treats, be consistent, not providing too much choices will help the dog to adapt faster.

When it comes to health and skin improving, BARF is definitely the better choice, if you only feed what he "willing to eat" he can never achieve better skin & health.

Click HERE to watch this video. It might give you tips on feeding, switching food with the right way.

Because only you will know what your dog need to become healthier, cannot be like giving up just because he don't eat it. Otherwise, he will never get better!

As long as you use the correct manners on feeding him, like in the video, they will adapt to the food in no time!

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