There are several possible triggers that can contribute to the itchy skin and hot spot conditions.

A few of them might surprise you.

1 Toxin Buildup & Detox

Any abnormal foreign chemical can result in a build up of toxins in the body.  These can come from flea sprays, shampoos and dips, drugs, flea collars and heartworm drugs.  When and if you “detox” your dog, remember that toxins in the body are mainly released through the skin and not through the feces or urine, so you my see increased skin problems even during a detox.

2 Dry Pet Foods

Chemicals from preservative agents used in dry pet foods (Ethoxiquin, BHT, PABA etc.) that are added to increase the shelf life of the product allowing the food to be exposed to the environment for months without spoiling affect the immune system.

3 Fungicides

It is theorized that fungicides are the precursor to cancer and it may be possible to actually destroy a fungicide (and prevent cancer) by raising the PH with sodium bicarbonate.  I mention this now because of the negative effect that fungicide has on the immune system and being a foreign agent in the body.

4 Drugs

A double-edged sword. We love to see the scratching stop but using drugs such as cortico-steroids and antibiotics destroys the bacterial flora in the gut (both good and bad bacteria), and long-term use is very damaging to the body. It’s little wonder that these inflammation reducing agents are called Band-Aid fixes and should only be used for short application.

5 Environment

Environmental Pollution of our water, food and air causes major issues for our animals. Our pets indiscriminately search for food and water and drink whether it is contaminated or not. Air pollution affects our pets in the same way that it affects you and me. All of these cause immune decline and inflammation.

6 Exposure to radiation

That which is used on food and also from the sun.  It all leads to internal destruction of all internal systems. Stress doesn’t just affect humans…but it also affects our pets as well.  The emotional connection to internal damage is one of the most powerful triggers we know.

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