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Our Aim

Our aim is to introduce the purest recipe of ours to as much pet lovers as possible. Encourage fur-parents to feed their pet the food like mother nature intended. Every fur-kids deserve to achieved a healthier and happier life! Our goal is to redefine the pet food industry, feeding what pets were born to be fed.
Phoebe Yong
Phoebe Yong
We believe that : "If human cannot eat biscuits everyday, then why are you feeding your pet dry and dark processed food for the rest of their life?"

Our Principle

Fur-kid needs fresh food with full of vitamins just like us, you shouldn't be the only one eating healthy!
What is NOT in BARF KING's ingredient :
> No added salt or sugar
> No artificial colours, flavours
> No additives or preservatives
> No cheap fillers, grains or gluten
> No genetically modified ingredients
> No heat-damaged nutrients
Only natural, genuine ingredients. Feed what they were born to be fed!
Kent Yau
Kent Yau
We are a group of people with enthusiastic in pet's well being and care.

Our Promises

We’re incredibly passionate group of humans, who believe the best way to look after dogs & cats is to feed them as natural a diet as possible. No grains, cheap fillers, chemicals or additives.

We love all animals and respecting those used for food is extremely important to us.

We hope your pets love the products as much as ours do. What real pet’s food looks like, it is suppose to be high quality with no additives or preservatives in sight. Totally grain free, it’s what pets were born to be fed.

We’ve done the hard part & mixed the correct ratio of nutrition that included meat, bone, offals, vegetables and many other healthy combinations that make up a balanced diet!
A truly complete healthy diet for your precious pets must be varied, so mix it up a little and feed as many different varieties as possible.
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