Dino back in 2008.

Our first French Bull Dog.

Our story

One day I noticed that he started to scratch and developed bumps and scars on his body. We knew something was not going right.

The day we dreaded the most came when he developed skin problems until the skin bleed.

Our trip to the vet became part of our routine. However, it did very little in alleviating our dog’s skin condition. The vet gave several factors and ways to deal with our dog’s condition but none of them put an end to it.

One day we begin to suspect that it was the kibble food that I have been feeding him all this while. Did research by our self thru internet, We learned that kibble might be the one to contribute problems to our dogs.

How it all started

I spent countless hours to find what is the best food we could give our dog – from cooked food to the premium brands available in the market. Frustrated and hopeless.

One day, We’ve read an oversea article about barf feeding and started to dig into it. Raw, really? A million questions popped in our mind and one of which was, eating barf? Will he bite or even eat me in the future? Is it safe to feed him barf? How about possible bacterial infection? But we decided to try, we wanted to cure Dino’s problem thoroughly.

After few months of putting him on barf diet, we couldn’t believe that he is finally free from skin problem. That easy! Not only that, he developed a smoother and shiner coat. The amount and odor of the stool were significantly reduced few weeks. Dino is back!

plan it big!

Ever since that, we attend several classes and took few courses regarding canine nutrition to gain more knowledge on raw feeding and I also decided to start our own barf recipe to help more people and dogs or cats that suffer the same immunes system breakdown problem!

Our aim is to introduce this recipe to as much of dog lovers as possible. Every furkids deserve a healthy and happy life!

We know those who are reading this story might be facing the same issue like we did; skin problems, stool quality and other health concerns. You might be running out of ideas like we do but we’ve made the right choice 10 years ago.

Every living creatures in this earth deserve a chance, including your dog too.

We understand

Only people who been thru the same, suffered the same will feel the same! We know how it feel exactly to been thru, gone thru all this process! Open your heart and give your dog a chance! Although Dino left us today, but we continue to share out this helpful recipes to more dogs whom suffer the same with him!
Stare at you

Stare at you

For food of coz!
Waiting in kitchen

Waiting in kitchen

For food again!


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