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Always keep it frozen in freezer for storage (-10°C to -18°C). Never refreeze a defrosted barf.

- Place one pack of barf from freezer to chiller, leave it overnight to defrost.
- Barf should be defrosted with a little bit icy texture by the next day morning.

You don't have to throw away the left over every time. Always keep it in chiller (2°C - 4 °C) if there's left over. It is safe to consume within 72 hours.
Finish thawed barf within 2 hours max or left over should be discarded.
Remember : The longer you leave barf in room temperature, this means there's much greater chance of harmful bacteria building up or parasites and gets rotten.
Barf made from fresh veggie, raw meat, offals and bone. It is normal if it do not smell as good as cooked human food. Fresh meat smell is normal, as long as it do not smell like sour to rotten then it is good to consume.
**Always remember that our pet is not human, their tummy digestive and protection system designed to be twice stronger than ours.
As long as it do not smell sour and it’s colour do not unusually change into the others. It is fine to consume.
It is normal if the top part of barf is more brownish than the lower part, it's the blood flow downward.
Barf made from fresh veggie, raw meat, offals and bone. It is normal if you see some blood after the barf is thawed. Our barf is made by fresh grade ingredients, so do not worry about it.
The best way to start is to fast your pet on the first day, to allows the body to cleanse itself of toxins and to make your pet eager for their next day’s meal. Then feed him the next day.
**Deworm your pet before you start barf diet is highly recommended.
There are two methods of switching the old diet to barf, is either slow switch or immediate conversion.
Immediate Conversion: If your pet has no significant health decease, they basically have a strong immune system and is generally quite healthy, an immediate conversion can be done. Fast your pet on the first day or just half day to allow the body to cleanse itself of toxins and to make your pet eager for their next meal.

Slow Switch: We recommend slow switch to senior age. This method is also strongly recommended for pets with compromised immune systems or sensitivity to dramatic changes in diets. The raw meat diet should be introduced slowly to prevent major detoxification symptoms. We suggest that you SEPARATE the feedings by feed the old diet in the morning and the barf at night.
No. Do not mix kibble with barf, because their digestive system will need longer time to digest artificial foods, and the barf will sit in their digestive tract twice as long. This means there's much greater chance of harmful bacteria building up. Because the digestion time is different for processed diets and raw meat diets. We suggest that you SEPARATE the feedings by feed the old diet in the morning and the barf at night, if you really need to finish the old food.
Absolutely no, they won't! Here are the 5 reasons Why Raw Dog Food Does Not Cause Aggression in Dogs:
1. A fresh meat diet has none of the ingredients that are known to influence poor behaviour – if it can’t be pronounced, then don’t feed it! In fact, raw dog food has no added chemicals!
2. Dry food, usually containing cheap cereal filler, is generally 50% carbohydrates. Carbohydrates spike blood sugar levels (glucose), causing insulin to be produced – to control the blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, even when insulin has controlled the sugar levels, there is still sugar in the system and this is known to cause disruptive behaviour (like children on a sugar-high after a birthday party). Raw dog food has no carbohydrates in it, and if carbohydrates are being added to the diet, the quantity and type can be controlled.
3. Grain-free also means gluten-free. For gluten intolerants and coeliac, the morphine-like gluten particles (gliadins) enter the blood stream and cause all sorts of behavioural issues for the sufferer.
4. Unlike dry food, fresh food is packed full of water-soluble vitamins, most importantly the mind-soothing B vitamins. It is for this reason that a diet of fresh food is recommended for children with ADHD.
5. Finally, chewing meat and fresh bones is proven to release dopamine in the dog – that’s right, the happy chemical!
By the time I answer this question, my 8 weeks old puppy is happily slopping up his barf breakfast. We’ve raised our litters and puppies in the past 10 years on barf.

As long as you deworm them regularly and your puppy has no significant health problem, it should be fine to start barf when all of their teeth start showing.
Barf are designed to suit all ages of pets, they can start as soon as 2 months old. Made by fresh food and all pure nature ingredients. It is what they born to be fed.
Well. People said a lot of things. Let the professional explain to you. Dogs and cats are carnivores, their systems can handle a certain number of bacteria; indeed, they were designed for it.

This is because the pet’s digestive tract is different from a human in some important ways that prevent this. Pets have strong hydrochloric acid in their stomach to digest meat and even bones. The acid is about 10 times stronger in concentration than what we have in our stomach. The acid kills any bacteria that might come its way.

Also, the overall length of the gastrointestinal tract of a pet is much shorter in comparison to a human. This means that rapidly decaying food passes through the system much more quickly, in hours rather than days. Bacteria don’t have a chance to get a foothold.

However, such rare incidences are usually the result of a pet that was raised on a lifetime of commercial food and suddenly is raiding the garbage can one day. Deworm your pets on time in every 3 to 6 months, it shall keep them in excellent shape.
Well, Barf King are not selling raw meat that everyone can easily get from supermarket. What we have here is BARF that are well mixed with nutrition such as vegetables, vitamins and minerals etc. And it’s formulated by our certified raw food nutritionist.
There are no scientific reason that support tropical country do not suitable on raw food. Well, based on our decade of raw feeding experience, if the way on handling and storage for raw food is correct, it makes no different feeding your pets’ raw food in tropical country compare with those country with four seasons.

Same as human, we enjoyed sashimi in Japanese restaurant that had been well taken care of, right?
Well, this is the most famous top question. Let's put it aside that vets are also selling kibble to make profit.

We know a lot of Vets, many of them agree and support raw feeding too! But they do not sell it in clinic because selling a raw to user is not just selling a product to customer. A professional seller will teach and guide owner the right way on handling, and also follow up with them providing support during the transition progress.

Vets are usually more worry about pet’s owner that do not have much knowledge on raw feeding and handling that lead to numerous problem that will occur. So, if that you as a responsible pet’s owner that choosing a reliable brand, storing your barf the right method and deworm your pets on time, that should be no problem on raw feeding.

Usually most of the problem occurred on raw feeding, majority is the handling way gone wrong.
Well, we cannot exactly say "cannot", but let me explain.

Before cooking our barf what we want you to know is that fresh whole foods are full of live enzymes and will add a new dimension to your pet’s health. Whole foods are also full of fiber, which aids digestion, encourages pooping and improves stools.

Many of the nutrients are destroyed by the cooking processes. All species on the planet eat raw food except for humans.

Just to let you know that when you cook a barf you will lose many beneficial nutrients. And Barf King’s barf contains raw bone. Cooked bone structure is different with raw bone, therefore cooked bone is harmful to a pet’s stomach.

But we grinded the bone into as small as possible, it shouldn’t be a big problem for cooking a Barf King’s barf although we do not recommend that. Cooked barf is still ok to consume but with lesser nutrition and slightly a little risk on the bone problem.
Our barf's recipe are quite complete with the basic nutrition that pet need. Pet owner are still allow to add in daily multi vitamins, specific health support supplement base on your pet’s health condition.

Like one of my Pomeranian, she needs extra glucosamine support due to the genetic joint problem and occasionally I’ll add in pet kelp for all my pets for extra iodine too. You are free to add in any other supplement that you think your pet need with correct amount.

However, if you plan to add extra fish oil or other oil products, we recommend you start it with as minimal amount as possible. As our barf recipe already included coconut oil, start with minimal amount is to prevent too much oil for your pet to absorb at the same time and cause diarrhea or soft stools.

We also highly recommend you rotate the recipes, so your pet will able to get different source of protein.
Very loose stools, poops may smell different, stronger, more pungent. Rashes and itching are all part of the detoxifications. It’s very normal to occur when a full kibble fed pet switched on barf diet.

Detox is a healing time for your pet, a chance for them to unload their toxic burden. There is something else you need to consider, up to now your pet has had little or no chance of ridding themselves of the toxins they may have built up in their system - but now that they have been given this chance, they could well all come flooding out.

These will include toxins from vaccinations to chemical flea and worm treatments - and the more your pet has received, the more toxins they may have stored.

All pets seem to be different in their own personal detox. Some owners won't even realise it is happening, as it will be so mild and be over very quickly, whereas others could have a nightmare of a time and it could go on for months. If your pet does experience a bad detox, then understand that this is because they had such a lot going on that you couldn't see and is doing their best to heal themselves.
Detox is a healing time for your pet, a chance for them to unload their toxic burden.

Detoxification for pets happens through their bowels and skin. During a detox, your pet will act completely normal — perhaps even better than normal. They’ll be happy, alert, and typically more energetic. But you might find they are shedding tremendous amounts of fur. Rest easy, they aren’t going bald, simply shedding out their old, dead, dull hair, to allow a shiny, soft coat to grow in. Even old pets who don’t shed as readily will have a beautifully luxurious new coat in a few months.

You might also see a lot of earwax or debris being produced from the ear. That needs to be cleaned out but is completely normal. Use a baby wipe wrapped around your forefinger and gently clean the ear canal and around the ear flap to remove it. Your pet will love the attention and might even groan with pleasure.

These symptoms of detoxification will pass on their own. They are nothing you need to worry about. One thing that we would like to add however, pet that have been on steroids, antibiotics, or other long-term drugs, may experience prolonged detoxification periods.

A bad detox requires a lot of faith and an equal amount of determination not to give in, it will all come good.
Barf diet contains more moisture compare to processed food such as kibble, they will get better moisture from barf therefore they will drink lesser water compare to the old time. It is absolutely fine. And so, if they drink lesser water, they will definitely pee lesser!
Many of our barfer worry they do not feed their furkid enough by judging the volume of stools compare to the old time. Please take note that barf fed pet do have smaller and lesser poop compare to processed food fed pets. If you are feeding the right amount of barf according to our guideline, then do not worry about the smaller stool, It is normal.
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