What is the best method to switch to BARF diet?

The best way to start BARF is to fast your pet for one full day. Fast your pet on the first day is to allow the body to cleanse itself of toxins and to make your pet eager for their next day’s meal. Then feed him the next day.
**Do not worry, occasionally fasting is healthy!

Deworm your pet before you start BARF diet is highly recommended. Then deworm every 3-4 months after.

How to properly store BARF?

Always keep it frozen in freezer for storage, frozen BARF can last for 6 months. Never refreeze a defrosted BARF.

What is the safest way to thaw a BARF?

Place one pack of BARF from freezer to chiller, leave it overnight to defrost.
BARF should be defrosted with a little bit icy texture by the next day morning.
Remember: Only thaw the portion your pet needs.

How to keep the left over?

Always keep left over BARF in chiller (2°C - 4 °C) if there's left over. It is safe to consume within 48 hours.

What happen if I leave BARF in room temperature?

Never leave BARF unattended for more than 30 minutes otherwise it should be discarded.
Remember : The longer you leave BARF in room temperature, this means there's much greater chance of harmful bacteria building up or parasites.

How do I serve the BARF to my pets?

Take it out from chiller. Scoop out BARF the amount you want to feed with spoon to your pet's bowl or you can cut the BARF into cube size for your pets. Some fur-pawrent make meat ball with BARF to their pets too! Do not worry the temperature, they will enjoy the icy texture. Be amaze with their happy eating face!

Is that ok to feed when the BARF is still a bit icy?

After defrosting, it is ok to feed if still a little bit icy. Unlike human, animal’s gastrointestinal system able to adapt. Some pet extremely loves to taste the ice texture. Just remember to keep left over refrigerated all the time.
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