Dog Hypoallergenic Plan
What is inside the package? DOG SIZE AGE PACKING SIZE BAGS OF FOOD RECIPE  Trial Pack ALL 400G 8 4 FISH 4 LAMB 1-7kg PUPPY 400G 20 10 FISH 10 LAMB ADULT 16 8 FISH 8 LAMB 8-12kg PUPPY 1KG 12 6 FISH 6 LAMB ADULT...
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Seasonal Hypoallergenic Plan
Barf King's Seasonal Hypoallergenic Plan is special formulated for dogs to reduce ingredient and nutrient intolerances. Some extreme cases even allergy to our usual Hypoallergenic Plan, find this work perfectly. It is precisely formulated for dogs that suffer from minor to severe allergy problems. Seasonal Hypoallergenic Plan is...
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Unique Hypoallergenic Plan - Canine
What is inside the package? WEIGHT AGE PACKING SIZE BAGS OF FOOD Trial Pack Any Age 400G 8 1-7KG 2-11 MONTHS 400G 20 1 YEAR ABOVE 16 8-12KG 2-11 MONTHS 1KG 12 1 YEAR ABOVE 10 13-16KG 2-11 MONTHS 1KG...
from RM119.20
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