During the transitions to raw diet, your pet may experience symptoms called "DETOX". Symptoms may range from non-existent, to mild to severe. These reactions are the body's way of getting rid of all the toxins and non-digestible stuff in the body. The body is healing itself from the inside out.


Once the detoxifying process is concluded, these symptoms will disappear and you will have a healthier, happier pet 😊


Please do take note that do not seek help or get consult from individual who do not practice holistic healing process for animal, they will never understand this healing episode and most probably might just recommend some artificial medicine to temporary stop this detoxification process. Which we guaranteed will be a bad choice and interrupt the entire mighty healing process.


This is why we said you need to have trust and faith in raw feeding at first, gives time and allow nature to do his work. Only seek advice from the correct candidates 😉


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